When I'm not filling screens with data, I can be found filling my lungs with fresh air: hiking up the side of one of Seattle's many beautiful mountains or biking through the suburbs and farmlands.


Danyel Fisher is a Principal Design Researcher for Honeycomb.io. His work focuses on ways to help users interact with data more easily. Before he started at Honeycomb, he spent thirteen years at Microsoft Research, looking (among other things) at ways to make big data analytics faster and more interactive with incremental visualization. He received his MS from UC Berkeley, and his PhD from UC Irvine.


In 2018, I am honored to be co-chairing several events

  • IEEE LDAV Workshop
  • ACM CHI Video Showcase
  • IEEE VIS Panels

In addition, I am helping organize the 2018 Dagstuhl Workshop on Progressive Analytics.


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