I love to see data come to life.


I want to help people turn data into understanding. I believe that working with data should be a great experience. This is as true for end-users as for professional data analysts -- really, anyone who happens to have had a lot of information that they want to make sense of, or communicate to others. My background is in human-computer interaction and computer-supported cooperative work.



I discovered the joys of visualizing data sometime in elementary school, when I tried to explain sampling theory to my teacher. (It didn't go well.) Since then, every project I've worked on has somehow rediscovered the sheer joy of playing with data, and sharing it with others.

I got my PhD in 2004 from the University of California, Irvine. From 2004-2018, I helped people work with data for Microsoft Research. I'm excited to say that in June of 2018, I'll be starting as Principal Design Researcher for Honeycomb.io, a startup in San Francisco dedicated to system observability. I wrote about this transition in a blog post.


Making Data Visual

How do you get from a raw question to a useful experience with data?  We can get from rough data to interactive visuals.

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User experience with big data

Interactive data analysis completely changes with terabytes and petabytes. Let's re-imagine visualization in the era of big data!

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animating data

design with data